Acquisition Consultants - Specialising in GP surgery sale and leaseback. Helpful for new GP recruitment and for pension fund top ups. Sale and leaseback can be the answer where existing partners do not wish to buy the share of the outgoing partner's property interest. This interest can be purchased by our clients.
Acquisition Consultants - Specialising in GP surgery sale and leaseback. Helpful for new GP recruitment and for pension fund top ups.  Sale and leaseback can be the answer where existing partners do not wish to buy the share of the outgoing partner's property interest. This interest can be purchased by our clients.          

Why is right now a good time for sale and leasebacks?

Interest rates are at an historical low along with low investment yields. Many property investors are seeing commercial property, and in particular healthcare property, as a secure investment.

Sale and leaseback of your owned GP surgery or Health Centre can be the answer to releasing capital for your retirement or helping new GPs to join your practice. In many geographical areas, it can be difficult to recruit GPs and removing the obstacle of buying into the GP assets can take away a major hurdle. Please contact us to see if sale and leaseback is the answer for you. It is the answer for many GPs.

If you would like to know more, please email  or ring 01244 310400. Many thanks.

GP Surgery Sale and leaseback is proving to be very popular since it can provide an excellent solution for those 50% of GPs still owning their premises. It also may be that you need to improve your premises or even move to new ones; in which case, sale and leaseback can be the way forward. Free yourself of those constant repair costs, which are a persistent burden to surgery owners. Contact Acquisition Consultants Ltd for free independent advice. Please see our website,      

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